AFP cucina e ristorazione Tione di Trento 2020-2021. Valutazione in ingresso INGLESE


Il test di lingua inglese accerterà le competenze in possesso dei candidati  a progressione graduata


Task type




Get to know the other people in the class (interaction, understanding and completing a form

Can enter unprepared into conversation on familiar topics, express personal opinions and exchange information on topics that are familiar, of personal interest or pertinent to everyday life (e.g. family, hobbies, work, travel and current events). Can ask someone to clarify or elaborate what they have just said

Everyday life Hobbies and sports Student life Adjectives

Present simple


Present simple v continuous


Question forms



Recounting an experience

Can reasonably fluently relate a straightforward narrative or description as a linear sequence of points.

Can relate details of unpredictable occurrences, e.g. an accident.. Can respond in an appropriate way expressing surprise, interest etc.

Can write a description of an event, a recent trip – real or imagined.


Relationships with friends and family.



Work and school.

Past simple, past continuous


State verbs


Present perfect v simple past


Comparative adjectives

Planning a holiday together

Can make his/her opinions and reactions understood regarding solutions to problems or practical questions of where to go, what to do, how to organise an event (e.g. an outing).

Can write personal letters /postcards giving news and expressing thoughts about abstract or cultural topics.


Holidays and travel

Modals for offers and invitations (shall, will) Suggestions

Present continuos and ‘going to’ future.

Talking about something you are good at


Can reasonably fluently sustain a straightforward description of one of a variety of subjects within

his/her field of interest, presenting it as a linear sequence of points and interact appropriately asking for clarification when necessary


Vocabulary field relative to students own area of interest



‘Does, plays and goes’

Mixed tense revision


Definite, indefinite articles.

Describe childhood memories

– your school and teachers

Can describe events, real or imagined. Can narrate a story.

Can write accounts of experiences, describing feelings and reactions in simple connected text.




adjectives for describing people

Modals of ability in the past


Obligation in the past (had to/

didnt have to)

Revision of superlatives


Giving and justifying opinions and describing pictures.

Can give or seek personal views and opinions in discussing topics of interest.

Describing movement



The environment

Looks like/seems like


Prepositions of movement



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